WaterPulse products are installed at nearly 200 greenhouse, nursery grower and retail outlets in the United States. WaterPulse mats are helping customers reduce water use, improve plant quality and sales, and reduce labor; ultimately improving the efficiency of their operations. New products like the next generation Vortex™ product promise even more savings and efficiencies in the future.

WaterPulse began with an environmental stewardship mission, reflecting a focus on sustainability and conservation and reducing water use in the horticulture industry. The WaterPulse suite of products mimics the natural capillary action of soil to move water to irrigate the plants in the most efficient manner possible. This approach reduces labor associated with inefficient overhead watering, reduces plant waste and improves overall plant quality; leading to improved sales and ultimately better profits for our customers. Our continuing focus is to create innovative solutions to drive further improvements in our industry.