Colorado Company WaterPulse Slashes Water Use for Plant Retailers and Growers

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New Irrigation Product Improves Plant Health, Reduces Costs

Longmont, Colo.—April 21, 2015—Each year the nation’s greenhouses, nurseries and retail horticulture stores needlessly lose millions of dollars in plants. Improper care from over or under watering can lead to the loss of more than 30 percent of a plant retailer’s product. But all that is about to change, thanks to a new irrigation system that not only improves plant quality, but also dramatically cuts water consumption while reducing company expenses.

WaterPulse, Inc., headquartered in Longmont, Colo., has developed a commercial grade capillary action mat system that cuts the water use in both retail horticulture outlets and greenhouses and nurseries by up to 70 percent. This is the first time that this type of system has been available for retail outlets. The combined use of the mats in retail and grower locations can save millions of gallons of water and also cut expenses.

“With drought conditions threatening California, the Southwest and even the entire West, it’s easy to see how this new, American-made technology can revolutionize horticulture on a thirsty planet,” said Jim Heffernan, WaterPulse Executive Chairman.

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Proven in Production Environments

During extensive testing, numerous retail outlets have reported massive reduction in water use when WaterPulse’s mats are employed to deliver water to plants precisely and with minimum waste. Typical results indicate a reduction in water usage from 10,000-13,000 gallons per day to only 400 gallons in a large retail center.

In addition to the obvious bottom-line savings, the WaterPulse system can help drought-stricken regions preserve vital resources.

Agriculture represents 80 percent of all water usage in the United States and is a prime target for conservation—particularly in drought-prone Western and Southwestern states. Horticulture, a branch of agriculture, represents a multi-billion dollar industry that involves the growing of container, bedding and garden plants.

WaterPulse’s capillary action mats deliver water and nutrients uniformly, leading to healthier, more consistent and more attractive plants. In addition, the spread of water-borne disease is reduced and root rot is virtually eliminated. The impact on the wholesale and retail markets through increased yield and reduced markdowns can be in the hundreds of millions of dollars in a growing season.

WaterPulse capillary action mats have been tested in production environments over the last few years and have shown consistent positive results and dramatic savings for users. The company has moved into a full production mode.

WaterPulse mats are manufactured in the United States. For information on how capillary action mats work, please see the related WaterPulse release.

“The benefits go well beyond improved plant health and extending the water supply,” said Mike Croy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We consider ourselves stewards of the land. Our products reflect a companywide vision based on sustainability and water conservation across the horticulture industry.”

Retailer Benefits

For the first time, retailers have access to capillary action mat technology. By reducing water usage, cutting labor costs and drastically lowering product loss, WaterPulse Retail Mats with Vortex™ Injectors will pay for themselves within a single season. If 1000 stores deployed WaterPulse mats this retail season, between 150 and 200 million gallons or more of water would be saved—and plant loss would be reduced dramatically.

WaterPulse capillary action mats can be configured for manual or automatic operation. The highly efficient watering system will free up employees for other, more profitable activities. An added benefit is that the pooling water on the floors of retail garden centers is virtually eliminated, making for a safer and more pleasant shopping experience.

Grower Benefits

Growers will see an ROI of 12 months or less when using Mass FlowTM Mats. Designed for use in greenhouses and nurseries, these larger mats offer growers the same benefits retailers enjoy, plus increased plant uniformity during the growing season

About WaterPulse

WaterPulse, Inc., a Colorado corporation, has an environmental stewardship mission, reflecting a focus on sustainability and conservation by reducing water use in the horticulture industry. The WaterPulse suite of products uses patent-pending technology to mimic the natural capillary action of soil to move water to plants in the most efficient manner possible. This approach minimizes plant waste and improves overall plant quality, while reducing the labor associated with inefficient overhead watering. Use of WaterPulse’s capillary action mats leads to healthier plants, more sales and ultimately better profits for WaterPulse customers. The company’s continuing focus is to create innovative irrigation solutions to drive further improvements in the industry. For more information on WaterPulse and WaterPulse capillary mats, please see the website at


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