It Just Got Easier to Display and Sell Your Healthy Plants

In Business Solutions, Company News, Grower Products, Retail Products by Jim Heffernan - CEO

What’s better than having the best watering solution for potted plants in retail garden centers?  Simple. Having a turnkey solution that allows you to get WaterPulse irrigation mats and top quality Poly-Tex displays from the same source:  Poly-Tex, Inc.!

WaterPulse and Poly-Tex recently signed an agreement that authorizes Poly-Tex to distribute WaterPulse Retail Mats along with its display systems in the United States and Canada.

We want to make maintaining your plant display areas simple. PolyTex displays are easy to assemble and our WaterPulse mats are perfectly sized to fit right on the displays. Your plants look good. They are healthy from capillary-action based watering, and water is contained in the mats. There’s no water overflow to make your floors unsightly and/or slippery.

And you’ll save money! Poly-Tex displays are noted for their quality and durability—they may be the last displays you will need to buy. Combined with the water and labor savings you’ll discover from WaterPulse mats, you will see cost reductions in the short term – and over the long haul.

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