Capillary Irrigation Systems

WaterPulse™ capillary irrigation systems use patent-pending technology to mimic the natural capillary action of soil to move water to plants efficiently and precisely to significantly reduce water usage, plant loss, and overall cost while improving plant quality and the bottom line for our customers.

Stop wasting water, time and money. WaterPulse offers a plant watering system for your retail garden center, greenhouse, or nursery with proven technology that is the best plant watering system on the market. Our products and technology will revolutionize the way you think about watering and produce amazing results Whether you are a retailer looking to improve labor efficiencies, reduce water consumption or produce higher quality plants that customers will purchase to a grower looking for an efficient greenhouse watering system or looking to seek the benefits from a capillary irrigation system we are your watering solution.

Grower Capillary Mats

grower-capilary-matsGrower capillary mats for greenhouses, nurseries and more for small home growers to large scale commercial growers. Water mats are designed to maintain a wide variety of plants/sizes, produce less run-off, deliver nutrients consistently, and reduce plant loss.

Retail Capillary Mats


Retail capillary mats for garden centers are designed for racks, tables and displays to maintain plants in containers and propagation trays. Our patented Vortex™ Injector System injects water directly into the water mats providing uniform watering for all plants.

Hanging Basket Systems

This system enables retailers to automatically water hanging baskets easily, quickly, and with no hassle! Associates will no longer have the hassle of hand watering each individual plant and freeing up the associate to help garden centers merchandise or help customers.

Pallet Watering Mats

WaterPulse Pallet Watering Mats provide the solution to one of the biggest grower and retailer challenges – efficiently watering plants grown, shipped and displayed on standard pallets. The mats are simple to use and install, with no cutting required.

WaterPulse Capillary Watering vs. Traditional Watering

WaterPulse capillary watering provides more uniform watering and decreased water usage making our capillary water mats the best available in the industry for retail garden centers, greenhouses, nurseries and more! Over 8 million square feet of WaterPulse capillary mats are installed in retail garden centers, greenhouses, and nurseries and throughout the United States, saving hundreds of millions of gallons of water every year.

Traditional overhead watering techniques cause much of the water to run off the leaves and never reach the root system of plant where water is needed most. The water quickly evaporates or runs off onto tables/display or into floor drains causing large amounts of wasted water.



WaterPulse Capillary Watering Traditional Hand Watering
Watering Time: Six 3-min watering cycles/day depending on location and temperature Watering Time: Typically 8 hours or more per day
Water Used: Water Used:
  • 0.71 Gallon/Minute
  • 11 Gallons/Minute
  • 42.5 Gallons/Hour
  • 660 Gallons/Minute
  • 340 Gallons/ 8 Hour Day
  • 5,280 Gallons/ 8 Hour Day
  • In average 180-day season, that is 61,344 gallons of water per store
  • In an average 180-day season, that is 950,400 gallons of water per store

2015 Water Savings with the WaterPulse System: Approximately 889,000 gallons or 70% water savings per season per garden center for 2015!

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WaterPulse Capillary Irrigation Systems are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.