Grower Capillary Mats

Capillary Water Mats for Greenhouses, Nurseries, and More

01 WaterPulse™ Grower Mat with irrigation featured in greenhouse. Hydrangea plants featured on WaterPulse™ Grower Mat. WaterPulse™ Irrigation Header with Mat Hydrangea plants in greenhouse featured on WaterPulse™ Grower Mats. WaterPulse™ Grower Mat with irrigation featured in greenhouse.


WaterPulse Grower capillary mats take advantage of the natural capillary action of soil to deliver both water and nutrients uniformly, resulting in healthier, more consistent and more attractive plants. Grower mats significantly reduce water usage, plant loss, and overall cost while improving plant quality and the bottom line for our customers. A key feature of capillary action is that the soil will only draw up as much water as it can use, protecting plants from root rot and other associated problems. This approach minimizes plant loss and improves overall plant quality. It also reduces the labor associated with inefficient hand or overhead watering. Our capillary water mats lead to healthier plants, more sales and ultimately higher profits for our customers.

Grower water mats can be utilized for small home growers to large scale commercial growers and are designed to maintain plants in containers, ranging from large single plant containers to propagation trays. The grower water mats maintain a wide variety of plants/sizes, produce less run-off, deliver nutrients consistently, and reduce plant loss.


The mats are constructed with three separate layers: an impermeable backing layer, a patent pending geo-textile capillary fiber layer, and a pervious top layer. The geo-textile material wicks water evenly and quickly throughout the mat. As water is drawn into plants via the soil, the remaining water in the mat continues to evenly distribute. This unique capability allows WaterPulse capillary mats to be utilized on lightly sloped tables or on the ground.


Our grower capillary mat irrigation system is adapted to utilize drip tape in conjunction with our mats. Mats can be plumbed directly to WaterPulse irrigation or retrofitted to an existing irrigation infrastructure. Our irrigation runs the complete length of each mat allowing for full water mat saturation and can be set up with an automatic timer to provide the most efficient automatic watering system to grow plants. WaterPulse provides the most efficient and effective greenhouse watering system for any grower environment.


By reducing water usage, cutting labor costs & drastically lowering plant loss, WaterPulse Grower Water Mats will pay for themselves within 12 months!



  • 70%+ water savings compared to hand watering
  • Produces less run-off resulting in efficient nutrient delivery


  • Eliminates inefficient hand watering
  • Less complex than other irrigation systems saving time on set-up and maintenance


  • Less markdowns and plant loss because plants are higher quality, healthier, and live longer because of even watering


  • Can be configured for manual or automatic watering
  • Custom sizes and shapes available for unique situations

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WaterPulse Capillary Irrigation Systems are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.