Hanging Basket Watering System

Automated. Convenient. Hassle-Free.

WaterPulse offers the world’s first patent-pending automatic Hanging Basket Watering System.
This system enables retailers to water hanging baskets easily, quickly, and with no hassle!

No Hassle System: This system is convenient for all size retailers. Each hanging plant is hung on a lever that enables that specific hanger’s irrigation. When the hanging plant is removed from the rack, the water stops to that specific location, while the other irrigation for remaining plants is still enabled. Associates will no longer have the hassle of hand watering each individual plant, eliminating wasted water, and freeing up the associate to help garden centers merchandise or help customers.

Easy To Use: Watering hanging baskets has never been easier! When a customer removes a hanging plant to buy it, the watering stops to that specific location, while the other hanging basket drip irrigation for remaining plants is still enabled.

Water Mats + Hanging Basket Watering System: This drip irrigation for hanging baskets can also tie directly into our suite of WaterPulse plant watering systems where hanging baskets and retail water mats are watered at the same time saving retailer’s water, time, and money. This new water hanging basket system will revolutionize the way retailers think about watering their hanging plants!

This truly innovative and impressive hanging basket drip irrigation system is convenient for all sized retailers and will provide everything you are looking for: convenient, automated, hassle-free, and much more!

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WaterPulse Capillary Irrigation Systems are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.