Pallet Watering Mats

Capillary water mats in pallet size


WaterPulse Pallet Watering Mats provide the solution to one of the biggest grower and retailer challenges – efficiently watering plants grown, shipped and displayed on standard pallets. The mats are simple to use and install, with no cutting required. With a rubber edge to keep the water in and prevent water runoff, you never have to worry. Our mats have a hard plastic rigid liner inside to prevent drooping.

pallet watering mat

Hand watering pallets can take hours. With Pallet Watering Mats, growers and retailers limit their irrigation to a few watering cycles per day, depending on location and temperature. Pallet Watering Mats take away the hassle and labor intensity of watering each plant individually. Use in greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers and indoor growing operations. Simply place the Pallet Watering Mat on a pallet; fill it with plants, then water to the edge. For more information contact our sales team:, 800-376-7161 or watch the video.


The mats are constructed with three separate layers: an impermeable backing layer, a patent pending geo-textile capillary fiber layer, and a pervious top layer. The unique anti-microbial middle layer – the only one like it on the market – deters disease, controls algae growth and reduces the possibility of mold or odor, while it wicks water evenly and quickly throughout the mat. As water is drawn into plants via the soil, the remaining water in the mat continues to evenly distribute. This unique capability allows WaterPulse Pallet Watering Mats to be utilized on any pallet.


Our Pallet Watering Mat irrigation system is simple, you just fill the mat to the edge and the water stays inside till it has been soaked up by the plants. Like WaterPulse’s well-known Watering Mats, Pallet Watering Mats take advantage of the natural capillary action of soil to deliver both water and nutrients uniformly, for healthier, more consistent, more attractive plants.

Capillary watering illustration

By reducing water usage, cutting labor costs & drastically lowering plant loss, WaterPulse Grower Water Mats will pay for themselves within 12 months!



  • 70%+ water savings compared to hand watering
  • Produces less run-off resulting in efficient nutrient delivery


  • Eliminates inefficient hand watering
  • Less complex than other irrigation systems saving time on set-up and maintenance


  • Fewer markdowns and plant loss because plants are higher quality, healthier, and live longer because of even watering


  • Can be configured for manual or automatic watering
  • Custom sizes and shapes available for unique situations

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WaterPulse Capillary Irrigation Systems are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.