Water Conservation for Garden Centers Makes Dollars and Sense

In Business Solutions, Company News, Industry Trends, Retail Products by Jim Heffernan - CEO

WaterPulse_infographic_blogOptimizing water use in your garden center nurtures your bottom line as well as the environment. Whether you are under regulatory demands to reduce water consumption or simply calculating the cost of doing business, you know that hand watering is “hit or miss” and leaves some plants over- or under-watered. That hurts your business! On the other hand, plants that are evenly watered are healthier and last longer, meaning fewer markdowns.

And let’s look at water savings as well: Water Pulse Capillary Action Irrigation Mats = Savings of more than 650,000 gallons per season for a typical garden center! Even if you aren’t under a mandate to consume less water, you’re still likely to save $1000 or more in water costs. Check out our infographic for more information.

The technology behind the mats

Capillary action watering mats are the most effective way to ensure that your plants are getting the right amount of water, and WaterPulse is the only company that supplies mats designed for the retail environment. WaterPulse mats contain a geotextile that draws water evenly through the mat to make sure that plants can drink their fill—and no more. Studies show that capillary action mats reduce water consumption by more than 70% when compared with hand watering.

If you are looking to see a substantial improvement in your bottom line, check out what WaterPulse mats can do for your business.

What measures are you taking to optimize water usage? Let us know at Feedback@waterpulse.com.