WaterPulse Totals 10 Million Square Feet Installed

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Denver, Co., June 6, 2017 – WaterPulse is excited to announce that it has reached the impressive milestone of 10 million square feet of WaterPulse capillary watering mats installed in greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers and indoor growing operations in North America. 10 million square feet of mats equates to over 230 acres and would cover over 200 football fields! In linear feet, it would cover a distance of over 860 miles, which is more than the distance from Chicago to New York City!

Traditional hand watering takes eight hours or more a day. With WaterPulse’s watering mats, growers and retailers limit their irrigation to a few watering cycles of a few minutes each per day, depending on location and temperature.

“In an average retail season, a garden center uses enough water to fill almost 30 swimming pools, and for growers, water and labor costs are two of their biggest concerns,” says Jim Heffernan, CEO of WaterPulse. “We’re pleased to play a small part in helping to conserve vital resources.”

WaterPulse watering mats take advantage of the natural capillary action of soil to deliver both water and nutrients uniformly, resulting in healthier, more consistent and more attractive plants. The mats deliver uniform watering and reduced plant maintenance, which translates to lower water and labor costs. By using WaterPulse mats, greenhouses and garden centers can cut their water use by approximately 70% and save thousands of dollars in labor costs. Additionally, a unique anti-microbial layer drastically reduces disease problems and controls algae growth.

About WaterPulse

WaterPulse delivers innovative solutions to reduce water use in the horticulture industry for retail garden centers, greenhouses and nurseries. The company’s suite of products uses patent-pending technology to mimic the natural capillary action of soil and move water to plants efficiently and precisely. This significantly reduces water usage, waste and overall cost, all while improving plant quality and the bottom line. This technology is the first to offer retail and growing operations a practical way to take advantage of capillary irrigation mats and their inherent efficiencies. WaterPulse, Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and all of their products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.