WaterPulse Irrigation Mats Installed in Walmart Garden Centers Nationwide

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WaterPulse Irrigation Mats Installed in Walmart Garden Centers Nationwide to Save Water, Increase Plant Health

Longmont, Colo. —July 8, 2015—Just in time for summer, WaterPulse, Inc. announced today it is working with Walmart to reduce the amount of water used in approximately 3,700 garden centers located inside its stores across the U.S. Through the use of WaterPulse™ irrigation mats, Walmart will not only increase the health of the plants it sells, but will also reduce water usage in garden centers significantly.

Before the implementation of the mats, Walmart associates would manually water the thousands of plants sold in an average garden center. Today, the mats do all the work. Water savings comes from the capillary action of the mats, which enables the soil to take in the water it needs, no more, no less.

“Walmart‘s leadership in investing in a technology that dramatically reduces water consumption comes at an auspicious moment,” said Jim Heffernan, WaterPulse CEO and chairman. “Based on WaterPulse tests in other facilities, we estimate that by using our mats Walmart can dramatically cut water use in its garden centers at a time when states affected by drought are looking for ways to conserve water.”

“Implementing the WaterPulse irrigation mats in our garden centers will help us save millions of gallons of water, improve plant quality and enable our associates to spend more time where they are needed – helping our customers,” said Marybeth Hays, senior vice president of Outdoor Living and Home for Walmart U.S. “We believe this – coupled with our broad assortment of plants at great low prices – gives our customers yet another reason to shop Walmart for their outdoor needs.”

To date, Walmart has installed more than 500,000 Retail Mats with VortexTM Injector systems— in excess of 7.3 million square feet of WaterPulse mats. The company plans to deploy WaterPulse mats in new garden centers as they are built.

“Walmart’s results demonstrate the positive impact our product can make on water savings, along with plant sustainability. Our mats provide dramatic reduction in water usage in both retail environments and for the green houses and nurseries that supply them,” Heffernan said.

About WaterPulse

WaterPulse, Inc. has an environmental stewardship mission, reflecting a focus on sustainability and conservation by reducing water use in the horticulture industry. The WaterPulse suite of products uses patent-pending technology to mimic the natural capillary action of soil to move water to plants in the most efficient manner possible. This approach minimizes plant waste and improves overall plant quality, while reducing the labor associated with inefficient overhead watering. Use of WaterPulse’s capillary action mats leads to healthier plants, more sales and ultimately better profits for WaterPulse customers. The company’s continuing focus is to create innovative irrigation solutions to drive further improvements in the industry. WaterPulse mats are proudly manufactured in the USA. For more information on WaterPulse and WaterPulse capillary action mats, please see www.waterpulse.com .


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