WaterPulse Offers Plant Retailers and Growers Eco-friendly Way to Increase Profits and Reduce Plant Loss

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WaterPulse Offers Plant Retailers/Growers Eco-friendly Way to Increase Profits, Reduce Plant Loss

New Capillary Action Mats, Available for First Time for Plant Retailers, Reduce Water Consumption, Labor  

Longmont, Colo.—April 21, 2015—WaterPulse, Inc. today announced the release of an eco-friendly commercial-grade irrigation system that can reduce water consumption up to 70 percent for plant retailers, as well as commercial growers, while increasing plant uniformity and reducing plant loss.

The company’s specialized capillary action mats are the first to provide retail garden centers with a watering technology that can dramatically cut water consumption, while reducing loss due to inconsistent watering, inconsistent nutrient delivery and water-borne disease. By providing special sealed mats, WaterPulse is allowing retailers to take advantage of the significant financial and esthetic benefits of irrigation using capillary action—i.e., watering the roots directly rather than watering top-down.

During extensive testing, numerous retail outlets have reported massive reduction in water use when WaterPulse’s mats are employed to deliver water to plants precisely and with minimum waste. Typical results indicate a reduction in water usage from 10,000-13,000 gallons per day to only 400 gallons at a large retail garden center.

$1 Billion Market Premium Plant Market Requires New Look At Water Use

“US consumers purchase more than $1 billion in premium plants each year,” said Jim Heffernan, WaterPulse Executive Chairman. “With water stewardship becoming a high policy priority, our job is to provide both growers and retailers with a way to dramatically decrease water consumption while helping to improve plant quality and company profitability.”

WaterPulse offers Retail Mats with VortexTM Injectors for retail garden centers and Mass FlowTM Mats for greenhouses and nurseries. These capillary action mats provide a delivery system that feeds water through specially-constructed mats using patent-pending wicking technology. Plants in containers are placed on the mats. The potting mixture in the container draws the amount of water it needs and will not draw more than the soil can handle, thus eliminating the hazards of both over-watering and under-watering.

Capillary action mats provide a water- and labor-saving alternative to hand watering and overhead spraying, strategies that are typically used in grower and plant retail operations. Hand watering is time consuming and cannot provide consistent water delivery to plants. Over- or under-watering also impacts the ability to consistently distribute nutrients. Overhead spraying can result in spotty delivery—particularly in situations where the plant canopy is heavy enough to deflect water from some parts of the area being watered.

WaterPulse Retail Mats with Vortex Injectors

WaterPulse provides custom-sized mats designed to sit on retail tables and trays. Sealed on all four sides, the mats add to both aesthetics and efficiency. The patent-pending Vortex system injects water directly into the mats; when used with an irrigation timer, it virtually eliminates the need for retail store associates to hand water plants in the stores.

WaterPulse Retail Mats also provide a more esthetic environment. Misters, overhead sprinklers and even hand watering are difficult in retail environments where customers are walking among the plants, and these traditional methods can result in unsafe conditions when water falls onto the walking surface.

Mass Flow Mats

Targeted for the growers market, WaterPulse Mass Flow mats are available in 4′ and 5′ widths and can be cut to any length. The mats deliver consistent water directly to the root zone of the plants, and unlike other mats on the market, allow for a critical drainage cycle for the plants. The Mass Flow Mats are irrigated by a straightforward system of a header feeding drip tapes running the length of the mat; connected to a water source and timer, these mats provide the most efficient irrigation system to grow plants.

About WaterPulse

WaterPulse, Inc., a Colorado corporation, has an environmental stewardship mission, reflecting a focus on sustainability and conservation by reducing water use in the horticulture industry. The WaterPulse suite of products uses patent-pending technology to mimic the natural capillary action of soil to move water to plants in the most efficient manner possible. This approach minimizes plant waste and improves overall plant quality, while reducing the labor associated with inefficient overhead watering. Use of WaterPulse’s capillary action mats leads to healthier plants, more sales and ultimately better profits for WaterPulse customers. The company’s continuing focus is to create innovative irrigation solutions to drive further improvements in the industry. For more information on WaterPulse and WaterPulse capillary action mats, please see the website at www.waterpulse.com.


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