WaterPulse Year In Review: 2015’s Major Accomplishments

In Business Solutions, Company News, Grower Products, Retail Products by Jim Heffernan - CEO

Throughout 2015 we took great strides towards creating innovative irrigation solutions and driving water conservation in the horticulture industry. From installing our WaterPulse mats in Walmart Garden Centers nationwide to expanding our headquarters to accommodate for our rapid growth, 2015 was truly a year of notable accomplishments for WaterPulse. It was an outstanding year for our company by any measure and we’re grateful to our staff and partners who contributed to our accomplishments, which should serve as inspiration for an even more impressive 2016. Let’s revisit some of our major moments of 2015.

  • Successful installation and implementation of WaterPulse mats and irrigation systems in Walmart Garden Centers Nationwide (3,700+ Stores) to save water, decrease mark-downs and increase plant health
    • With the WaterPulse system installed, Walmart is looking forward to conserving billions of gallons of water each year, as well as decreasing mark-downs by improving plant health and increasing overall garden center efficiency.
    • To date, Walmart has installed WaterPulse mats in more than 7 million square feet of retail garden centers. The company plans to deploy WaterPulse mats in new garden centers as they are built.


  • We began a strategic partnership with Poly-Tex, Inc. that enables distribution of WaterPulse mats along with its display systems in the United States and Canada. Poly-Tex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of display systems in garden centers and has been selling them for 30+ years. By adding WaterPulse mats, irrigation systems, and hanging basket systems to their solutions, the company’s entire customer base of thousands of retail garden centers benefits substantially.
  • Significant testing began for WaterPulse commercial grower systems running for several Top 150 commercial growers.
  • WaterPulse attended 10 national industry trade shows to expose our product to the national market:
    • Cultivate’15
    • Ace Hardware Fall Convention 2015
    • True Value Fall Reunion 2015
    • Arett Sales Open House
    • IGC East 2015
    • IGC Chicago 2015
    • Farwest Show 2015
    • 2015 GreenhouseConnect
    • Gard’N-Wise Show 2015
    • ProGreen EXPO 2015


  • We created National Sales & Services teams to meet the demand for our next-generation capillary action watering mats in commercial growers and retailers of all sizes.
  • We recently introduced the world’s first automated Hanging Basket Watering System, which ties directly into the WaterPulse irrigation system, allowing watering mats and hanging plants to be watered at the same time and eliminating the need for hand watering. The unique system automatically stops the drip irrigation when a customer removes a hanging plant for purchase.

hanging system

  • At the end of 2015 we expanded our headquarters into a new central Denver location that accommodates our growth and enables us to attract great employees from all over the Denver Metro area.

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