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Retail Watering Mats

Eliminate the need for much of the hand
watering in retail Garden Centers
Increase Garden Center sales by better looking plants from more efficient watering and give retail associates more time to service customers

Decrease the number of markdowns and throwaways by having plants last longer since they are watered evenly


Water savings of 70% or more

No water on the floor and less time with garden hoses on the floor means fewer accidents and less potential liability

Walmart Installation

Installation Instructions

NEW 'Tie-Down' Technology

WaterPulse now has grommets! No more 'tie down clips' - simply attach with a zip tie!

Next-Generation Capillary Action Mat Construction

The next-generation WaterPulse capillary watering mat delivers both water and nutrients uniformly from the bottom, resulting in healthier, more consistent/attractive plants. The mats are constructed with three separate layers: An impermeable backing layer, a patent-pending geo textile capillary fiber layer, and a pervious top layer. As water is drawn into plants via the soil, the remaining water in the geo-textile layer (middle) moves to be available to the soil until the soil reaches field capacity.

Irrigating the Capillary Action Watering Mats

The mats can be irrigated a variety of ways, from manually watering the mat, to automated watering using the WaterPulse injector system, which injects water directly between the layers of the mat.

Capillary Action Mats Water at the Root Zone

The Capillary action between the pot soil and WaterPulse watering mat enables better water absorption from the bottom, delivering moisture at the roots where it is needed most.

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